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About Us

Cairo Rush features an extensive array of searchable, playable charts, fashion trends, breaking music news, artist interviews and exclusives, news, video and more

About Us:

Cairo Rush cover bustling entertainment scenes to burgeoning fashion worlds, delectable restaurants, and the latest from the world hot topics, thoughts and insights, or simply your daily dose of news.

Cairo Rush is a trademark of iLike Agency, which is an advertising and marketing agency specialized in fashion and retail business.

Cairo Rush is a fast reach online magazine, every day the name of it comes trendier, because the different line of the editorial plan of it by targeting and supports the fashion lover’s in Egypt.

Cairo Rush not only an entertainment and fashion magazine, it’s also provides high end services for any only in the fashion filed from providing marketing plans, fashion consultations, photography, and PR service.

Cairo Rush is not just a magazine it is a more than a tool to help the talents to reach new levels of success.