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Gouna are your ready for uberTukTuk!

The no.1 privet car app [Uber] announced about their new service the [uberTukTuk] in El Gouna this summer! . That’s right this April and May, when you need a reliable ride to get you zipping around El Gouna, simply open your Uber app and your uberTukTuk will arrive within minutes.

With this launch, gone are the days when you had to flail your arms about on a street-corner or call your local hotline to send you a Tuk Tuk. You can simply take your ride and expect the same price as the El Gouna approved metered fare. That’s right, you can request a ride the Uber way and pay in either cash or credit at the end of your ride!


Tuk Tuks are an iconic and ubiquitous part of the El Gouna landscape and we are excited to have them on the Uber platform there. With uberTukTuk, we’re delivering more choice to all El Gouna goers!