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Impressive iOS 11 Concept Video Features Drag & Drop, Shelf, Finder, and More

Check out this impressive iOS 11 concept for iPad by Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett.

The concept illustrates numerous wish list features including Drag & Drop, Shelf, Split View App Picker, Finder, and more.

Drag & Drop
On the surface, native drag & drop between iPad apps would feel immediately intuitive. Users could select any piece of content – an image, some text, a link, or a document – and long-press with one finger until the content lifts up and can be dragged away.

macOS users can drag anything they want to reference later on the desktop (or any other Finder window); iOS has no such area that serves as a holding place for bits of content without an immediate destination. I’d like iOS 11 to bring a Shelf feature to the iPad that would let users clip anything with drag & drop.

Split View App Picker
By extending Split View with user-assigned favorites and activation on both sides of the screen, Apple could take the entire iPad multitasking experience to the next level.

iOS already has a visible filesystem, only it’s been rebuilt with simplicity in mind for the age of apps so it doesn’t expose system information like on macOS. The next logical step for Apple is to turn their scattershot implementation of document pickers and providers into a true Finder layer that can work with every app and be more cohesive and intuitive than what we have today.

Take a look at the video and hit the link below for much more detail on these features and others. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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