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Nelly Karim

Nelly Karim ‘Disappears’ Between Russia and Egypt in Ramadan

Nelly Karim is preparing to shoot a new Ramadan series, “Ikhtifa,” in Egypt and Russia. The series will be a social drama, and shooting will start during the first week of January, according to online news portal Bitajarod.

Sources told Bitajarod that the series will make the audience both happy and sad and the ending will be a “victory for women.” The show is written by Ayman Medhat, directed by Ahmed Medhat and produced by Jamal Al-Adl.

Nelly Karim

“Ikhtifa” features Mohammed Mamdouh along with Karim. It is their second project together after the movie “A Man Wanted.”

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Arab television series, known as Musalsalat, which air during Ramadan are popular across the region, bringing families together after iftar.

Nelly Karim

It is during this month that millions of Muslims and non-Muslims enjoy the melodramatic series that often feature historical or religious figures as well as love stories.

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