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Nelly Karim

Nelly Karim Daring Look in Upcoming Series “Disappearance”

Nelly Karim posted multiple new pictures that revealed the new look that she is sporting in her upcoming Ramadan 2018 series tirled “Ekhtifaa” (Diappearance), including some scenes shot in Russia.

Daring and attention grabbing is the least that can be said about Nelly Karim’s 2018 series as she is sporting short blond hair and thick hair bands which made her look much younger.

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Karim did not reveal details about the character she is playing though, yet some assumed that she is playing a role of a russian woman or that the series has a flashback of some sort, or it is a period piece.

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Comments rained on the pictures Nelly shared. Many praised her for the courage in choosing a new and different look in order to look different than what she looked like last year.

Nelly Karim

The series is a police drama that revolves around a university professor in Russia who embarks on a journey to look for her missing husband, and the series cast include Hisham Selim, Bassma, Mohemmed Alaa nd Mohammed Mamdooh.

Nelly’s last attempt in a TV Drama last year was pretty successful with the series titled “Li Aala Seir” (For the Highest Price), as the audience sympathized a lot with the role of the wife who gets cheated on that she played.

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