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Shereen Reda

Shereen Reda Want’s Azhan Broadcast to Stop?

For the past couple of years, Egypt has chosen a new TV darling and it’s Shereen Reda. With incredible acting skills, a stunning face, and opinionated statements, Reda seems to be making headline on monthly basis.

However, this week the Egyptian actress has been under attack for a video that went viral during an interview with TV host Samar Youssry on ON Satellite channel. Reda was asked about an old tweet regarding unifying Adhan, prayer calls, and her answer was misinterpreted by many on social media.

Egypt has previously apporved a controversial law to broadcast a unified adhan in Cairo in 2016. The decision aimed at ending the distortion that’s caused by thousands of loudspeakers announcing prayer calls at different times. Yet, the law still has not been implemented.

Shereen Reda

Reda stated on her Twitter account that laws to unify prayer calls need to be implemented as soon as possible, sarcastically adding that horrible vocals might lead people to lose their faith. During the interview on Ana we Ana show, Reda explained that this kind of noise is extremely detrimental to tourism. The actress added that bad quality speakers and loud vocals have nothing to do with spirituality and religion.

Shereen Reda

The video soon went viral on social media with an edited version that gave people the impression that Reda asked to stop broadcasting the adhan. Watch the full interview below:

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