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Watch the explosion that made Steven Seagal beat Ramez Galal

Last we heard, Egyptian prankster Ramez Galal’s ass got kicked by Hollywood actor and martial arts hero Steven Seagal.

Ramez lost consciousness after Seagal beat him up for playing a prank on him as part of his new hidden camera show “Ramez Plays with Fire,” which is being filmed in Morocco.

However, Moroccan newspapers are reporting that Ramez is alive and kicking and has now resumed filming the rest of the series.

In this year’s edition of his famous prank show, Ramez tricks a celebrity into thinking that the skyscraper they’re in is on fire, before they’re rushed to the rooftop of the building, where a rescue helicopter is waiting with Ramez (dressed as a fireman) inside it to announce that this has all been nothing but a joke.

Here’s a sneak peak from “Ramez Plays with Fire” and the explosion that scared Seagal and more celebs into thinking that they were about to burn alive.

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