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Tamer Hosny

TCL Finally Respond To Tamer Hosny’s Footprint Controversy

The TCL Chines theater management has finally responded to criticism and backlash that they have received following the placement of the footprint of  Arab singer, Tamer Hosny

It came as a surprise to a lot of stake holders in the entertainment sector when the hand and footprint of Tamer Hosny were placed in the Chines theater even though he had no movies, music or recognizable fan base in the United States.

Tamer Hosny

After series of backlash and failed attempts to contact the public relations manager Jerry Digney via email, the management of the theater finally responded, stating that the prints were placed in the theater to promote the Arab entertainer’s new movie, GOOD NIGHT.

The management of Chines management revealed that this was not an isolated act as they have also placed the hand and footprints of celebrities, famous animals and fictional characters in the forecourt just to promote their ceremonies or event and were taken down after the event.

Tamer Hosny

The management further revealed that the same gesture was accorded to Tamer Hosny, who even paid to promote his movie and that his prints were also placed for promotional purpose ONLY and will not be kept in the forecourt.

They further revealed that the fact the ceremony was not done in the morning like other official ceremonies that had coverage from the US media showed that it was far from official.

Tamer Hosny

They implored stake holders in the industry to check out the official Wikipedia page and website of the company where official footprints are recorded to validate their claim. This claim was validated as we only found official footprints that were covered by the media and records show that only 6 unofficial footprints have been placed for promotional purpose only at the theater including the recent case of Tamer.

Tamer Hosny

The unique Forecourt of the stars is traditional and place to celebrate major movie stars both past and present with their hand and footprints engraved in the cement. And it is hoped that this tradition continues to focus on the stars that have paid their dues in the industry.

The unofficial list that wont make it to the Forecourt Map

The Forecourt Map

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